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    Do You Want To Be In The First Results On Google Without Paying In Ads?

    Today SEO is a very repeated topic in the field of digital marketing, and hiring SEO services can achieve a great differentiation in web positioning. Many digital media and digital marketing agencies sell an “SEO” component in their service packages. However, we have noticed a repetitive pattern in various audits regarding these “SEO” services offered: these companies do minimal optimization or simply nothing.

    Unlike a digital agency that tries to do everything by halves, at Entirety Ventures, we have decided to really focus on what we are SEO experts. Therefore, we decided to offer specialized SEO services due to the lack of attention to web strategy by these agencies and companies.

    Tasks That A Professional SEO Performs And What Are Its Objectives

    A freelance SEO consultant has the mission of increasing the visibility or ranking of a website in search engine results, mainly in Google, for one or several specific search queries made by the users and highly related to the services, products or content offered on said website. Improving web positioning implies increasing the visits received, which is known as web traffic, leading to an increase in business, either in leads obtained, in sales made or any other type of business model.

    Actions of an SEO strategy
    • SEO audit
    • Keyword research
    • Information architecture
    • Technical optimization
    • WPO (Web Performance Optimization)
    • Link building
    • Competitor analysis
    • Web Analytics
    Let’s get your business off the ground!

    If you have a website and want to position it, we carry out indexability audits and consultancies to determine which parts need to be improved to achieve your goals. It is the basis for web optimization and allows us to detect manual or automatic penalties in search results and see the vices and virtues of online websites that seek to position in search engines.

    Google Ads

    We carry out SEM campaigns to manage to make the most of your budget through continuous analysis and monitoring of its performance.

    SEO Consultant

    We work to consider all the technical factors that favour better indexing by search engines, and we demonstrate our skill in achieving results.

    SEO Audit

    We work with measurable and objective data; all our work starts from an SEO audit in which we analyze everything that affects the status of your domain to discover how to improve it.

    Link Building

    Links are key to achieving good search engine positioning. At Entirety Ventures, we only work with high reputation and quality websites, generalists, and different specialized sectors.

    Online Reputation

    We help you create, protect or improve your personal or business image. We know all the formulas to manage your online reputation and help you control what is said about you.

    The SEO specialist’s work lasts over time: the more you achieve, the more you can achieve!

    An SEO specialist achieves the best website optimisation, so it is necessary to master local, national and international SEO. Although man does not live on SEO alone, this tactic has to interact with other areas such as social networks, content marketing, link building and achieve the best mobile adaptation with the help of a web developer.

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