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    As a leader in outsourcing developers, we make sure to offer tailored Java development services that enable customers to enhance the functionality of their applications. With a deep understanding of robust Java frameworks and related applied technologies, our Java programmers create scalable, secure, enterprise-grade web solutions that counter your tedious business challenges.

    We have a team of developers specialized in Java, totally dedicated, who adapt 100% to the client. They become part of your company and apply your fully customized guidelines, as specified. We offer the hiring of full-time or part-time Java programmers, for large projects or small projects. You can work in parallel with different projects to improve performance. We develop and implement innovative, secure, scalable, and interactive applications delivered on time.

    Why Hire Java Developers with Entirety Ventures?

    The development of JAVA Applications with us is the best solution and option for the company. We offer immediate availability, a reasonable price, and guaranteed quality.

    We develop the projects as our own, with the leadership of a Project Manager who ensures the success of the project. We develop fully customized and fast applications.

    • Economic: 60% cost savings. NO HIDDEN COSTS. Payment on measurable works.
    • Workers Hired by do it possible: There are no independent or freelance workers who do not have a guarantee of permanence in a project
    • Confidentiality: Our developments are confidential in every way. Our programmers sign a confidentiality agreement.
    • Transparent: Our teams work transparently and with daily communication. We communicate the details and progress of the project daily via Skype, email, and calls to keep it fully updated.
    • Experience: More than 3 years of average experience. Our experienced Java developers are well versed in the Java development framework.
    • Remote Work: Our developers work remotely, but with exclusive dedication, with the definition of hours. This allows you to consult or interact with the programmer when necessary.
    • Hassle-Free Project Management: Our developers are used to working on complex projects. We study and assimilate different types of solutions.
    • Flexible Commitment Models: Hire our remote developers, totally dedicated to your project. We work for complete projects, or parts of the project, by time commitment and by the closing cost of projects, according to the client’s requirements.
    Practical Applications to hire Java Programmers

    The practical applications are disseminated in all types of industries, such as small and medium-sized companies, as well as e-commerce systems, health care, or finance. We adapt to all types of industry and implement web solutions in many sectors:

    Health care
    We offer software solutions and build applications that are HIPAA compliant i.e Claims Adjudication, PACS / HIE API to improve healthcare

    E-Commerce B2B and B2C
    We carry out all kinds of e-commerce applications, specifically fully integrated real-time shopping portals and documented applications with a guide to improving the user’s shopping experience.

    Banking and finances
    We develop systems for asset management, POS, and applications related to Cryptocurrency. We develop high-security applications for financial companies.

    Tourism sector
    We develop applications for the tourism sector, integrations with all types of providers, as well as “intranet” and “extranet” systems for requesting personalized travel orders.

    Entertainment and Multimedia
    We develop applications for entertainment and artificial intelligence.

    Education And E-Learning
    We develop personalized Knowledge Management platforms, solutions integrated with existing platforms, with development for reading 3D books, LMS, and knowledge-based applications.

    Java Technologies We Work On

    Our expert Java developers work on the latest development tools and systems to design highly robust and secure applications quickly and efficiently. Comprehensive success in Java development is attributed to our extensive experience in the following:

    • Spring Boot Framework
    • Redis
    • PostgreSQL database
    • Apache tomcat
    • Postman tool
    • Java Servlet
    • HTML, CSS,
    • JavaScript
    • NetBeans IDE
    Do you need a Java Developer? We provide you with freelancers!

    A Java developer usually begins with the design and testing, then proceeds to the implementation and subsequent maintenance of Java web applications, web services, and web interfaces. Our expert outsourced developers will ensure that your Java development tasks are completed on time (and on a budget) and that defects are minimized through thorough testing.

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