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  • IT Maintenance and Support
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  • CMS Development

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    Entrust Your IT Equipment To Experts – Reduce Your Budget and Win Time

    Outsourcing is necessary when a company trusts an IT service provider to realize or manage one or more activities related to its operation. This operation must be carried out within the framework of a contract. By entrusting your IT equipment to Entirety Ventures, you benefit from a simpler solution in its implementation and daily management.

    At Entirety Ventures, we outsource top talents to provide the highest-quality IT Outsource Services in the industry. By outsourcing their IT infrastructure management to an expert organization like Entirety Ventures, the customer ensures a high uptime for their IT without the headache of managing an IT team and focusing on the manpower requirements. With its employee base of technical experts, Entirety Ventures can easily provide these services, thereby freeing up the customer’s resources and budgets to focus on their core business strategy.

    Our Services Include

    Hire the Top 1% IT Talent, from fully managed teams to individual expert engineers.

    System Specialist

    Appoint experts that will perform preventive maintenance failures and monitor the work of the key components related to the operation of information technology.

    On-Premise Infrastructure

    Take over the entire management of operating systems, office support and applications. A skilled employee will perform daily monitoring of the main services of the organisation using remote access.

    Maintenance & Support

    The technical support can offer 24*7 maintenance across all IT resources and infrastructure overall time zones with dedicated services specialising in resolving technical issues.

    Dedicated Server - Cloud

    Monitoring and configuring your firewall, antivirus, URL filtering, intrusion prevention, as well as the administration of your governance system. We operate in the cloud, virtualized and on-premises environments.

    CMS Development

    We offer a quality content management system that publishes and updates content with the best administrative tools making this outsourcing service the perfect choice for your business.

    Service Desk

    Increase the speed of response to an incident and elimination disruptions in the operation of IT services to provide more stability and transparency of IT processes.

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