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From Magento to WordPress and from Drupal to any other CMS framework you want, whatever it is, we have the right specialisation at the right price.

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    Hiring a CMS expert through Entirety Ventures has many benefits for employers and generally costs less than hiring a full-time CMS expert. If you are looking for a solution for your CMS needs, or if you want to test a freelancer to see if they offer the level of service you are looking for, using a platform like Entirety Ventures is a great option. Spend more time doing what you do best and start doing more. Find an army of designers, developers, marketers, and copywriters. Read reviews from real people, and rest assured that you are getting the best.

    Instead of multiple developers working on projects for multiple clients, we hire and assign a specific developer to a specific client full time. This guarantees one hundred per cent transparency for the client on the number of hours per week and per month devoted to his projects. It also helps the developer to prioritise work items for that specific customer more efficiently.

    Entirety Ventures advises you and develops your project in record time.

    Integrity, trust and working at eye level are important values when working together. We make sure our team members work with these and other important values. On the other hand, we also expect our customers to work with a high level of integrity. We not only ensure 100% transparency, but we make sure that our actions keep this promise. Value is created when we work long-term with our customers. We avoid short-term gains by focusing on long-term relationships.

    • Analyse of needs: We analyse the needs of your project and the technical solutions in place or to be implemented. This is the stage of the specifications.
    • Validation: In this phase, we validate the needs and deadlines according to the elements communicated upstream in the specifications.
    • Development: This phase makes it possible to adjust to the established objectives, depending on the problems encountered.
    • Test & Production: Development is tested throughout the project. Any errors are corrected in collaboration with web designers and other developers before going into production, which will precede the final launch of the site.
    • Technical support: Once the developments are online, it will be necessary to provide support in the event of a malfunction or to carry out updates. Overall, we adapt to your structure, size of teams, contacts and complexity of needs by determining optimal project management.
    Why hire a web developer?

    For a CMS like Prestashop, Magento, WordPress… or specific web development, hiring a developer is sometimes mandatory. If, in your team, you do not have the necessary skills to carry out your project, you will have to hire a developer or call on outside skills.

    Hiring can be complicated because the needs can be just one-off for a project. Moreover, the cost of developers is a drag since there is a shortage of resources vis-à-vis the growing demand. This is why outsourcing is a preferred solution in this situation.

    Web development: find a developer

    Finding a developer is also a complex step; you will need to explain your needs and projects from a technical point of view to find the right resource. IT and the web are specific areas that are not necessarily your own. You are faced with a potentially significant loss of time and, therefore, a shortfall for your business. You have to stay focused on your core business.

    We have programmers who master development techniques, which allows you to be very responsive to start your project as soon as possible. Outsourcing a backend developer for a project also allows you to be assured of a follow-up over time.

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