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  • Pre-screened and selected to suit your culture
  • Achieve low costs, get highly trained experts
  • Find the right developer for a startup

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    When entrepreneurs outsource their front-end development to a service provider, there are a few things to consider. First, so that you can achieve low costs, get highly trained experts and flexibly expand your team, the quality of the agency must be high. All of our front-end developers have gone through an extensive review process, and only the best in their field have been selected.

    Concentrate on what really matters: developing your product.

    Entirety Ventures has a large talent pool. This ensures that entrepreneurs always find the right developer for a startup. If the front-end developer has knowledge of JavaScript, WordPress and React, for example, w can provide precisely this employee. On the one hand, this ensures good work results and keeps costs low. Overall, our processes are of high quality, which is why the costs are generally low.

    Front-end languages
    • JavaScript
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • AJAX: JavaScript + XML
    Front-end Frameworks
    • Bootstrap
    • Angular JS
    • jQuery
    • Semantic UI
    • Pure.css
    • WordPress
    • Woocommerce

    All of our front-end developers know how to work in a team and collaborate with back-end developers. They also understand technical specifications and documentation, understand other people’s code, and can identify and correct errors. The developers we recommend are ready to participate in all phases of creating and improving your web projects, providing reliable optimization and functionality.

    • We will help you hire a front-end developer according to your requirements.
    • You will receive a detailed profile for each developer.
    • You can interview our developers before hiring to evaluate the experience and discuss the characteristics of the project.
    • A technical interview will be conducted with our engineer and technical manager on your side.
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    What sets us apart

    On-demand employment

    Hiring technology professionals don't have to be a tedious process. We ensure that you are working with a developer that you can rely on in the shortest possible time. Expand or reduce your team as required - under flexible and affordable conditions.

    Uncomplicated billing

    Hire a specialist developer and pay their monthly salary while reducing your staff costs by more than 75%. No hidden costs.

    Convenient processes

    While you work on developing other galleries of your business, we will concentrate on building your tech team and covering all overheads, including payroll and the onboarding process, at no additional cost.

    Flexibility in business development

    We give you a 14-day test phase in which you can work with your new developer free of charge. This means you don't commit if it's not the perfect match. You can replace your developer during the test phase at no extra charge.

    Reliable cooperation

    We only work with top talent. Our developers have a proven track record and experience in product development and work diligently with successful companies.

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