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Give your idea the shape of an app and enter the market with low cost and high-quality work.

  • A Skilled Team of Developers
  • Savings on Time and Work
  • Versatility in App Development

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    We create and produce high-performance, innovative apps for our clients to take their ideas to the next level. Our mobile app development services include making iOS, Android & Hybrid App. If you don’t know app development, then this is the best option for you. At Entirety Ventures, we want to remind you that the type of team of developers or freelance programmers you are going to recruit will depend on the technical parameters of your application.

    Whether you need an Android or an iOS programmer, just a few hours are enough to find them. You will also get feedback and advice from mobile development experts who are used to tackling this type of product every day. Organizing professionals into the workforce of your profession will be pricier than outsourcing. With outsourcing, everything becomes very easy to handle.

    Outsourcing app development will help ease the workload of your employees.

    Entirety Ventures knows the developers you hire and knows they are on schedule. Our platform works as a mediator to follow the progress of the work, check that the stages are well respected and that there is no delay in the delivery deadlines. We also ensure the safety of the freelance developer so that the client does not ignore them and their work is paid. Entirety Ventures ensures that communication is fluid in all phases of the project and works to understand the client and the developer.

    At Entirety Ventures, we work with great app developers. However, suppose you are afraid to share your project details with us. In that case, you have the option of signing a confidentiality agreement with us, with any freelance developer, or with a development team that wants to make you an offer. In this way, your idea will be legally protected.

    Succeed in your mobile strategy with outsourced mobile development services

    Our consultants and engineers specialize in IT strategy and cross-platform mobile application development supports you in implementing best practices to achieve your goals.

    Entirety Ventures offers you several approaches:

    • Development of a mobile application or a web app complementary to your website
    • Development “ from scratch ” (mobile-first, desktop then)
    • Consulting in design experience, the realisation of UX and UI models
    • Consulting in business innovation and mobile-first strategy

    Our developers are experienced in designing disruptive mobile solutions and master most platforms, mobile devices and connected objects (connected watches, etc.) on Android and iOS.

    • Development of native Android (JAVA, Scala, Kotlin) or iOS (Objective-C, Swift) applications
    • Cross-platform mobile development (React Native, Xamarin)
    • Hybrid App Development / Progressive Web App (Ionic, PhoneGap, Sencha, Angular)

    Whatever your choice, you will capitalise on a mobile development project carried out by a team of seasoned developers and managed 100% in Agile mode. You will quickly and gradually test the user journeys and the interface design of your mobile application with your future users before arriving at the full version.

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