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Hire Virtual Employees

Real Experience With Remote Resources


Full Time, Part Time, Adhoc and Project Based Plans with the BEST PRICES
Experts In All Domains With 24*7 Support
No Setup Fee, No Processing Charges
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Why Virtual Employees?

Why Virtual Employees?

Why Virtual Employees for your Business move?

One of the leading to increased motivation and job satisfaction. Virtual employees help you to work with the best of the talents across the Globe in a cost effective manner.

Virtual Employees has benefitted in many areas of business-
Learn To Delegate

It is tough for every Businessman to admit they can’t handle everything running in their organization and to relinquish any kind of control but for successful entrepreneurs knew the power of delegation. Here at Entirety Ventures you can learn how to let go and place greater trust in your team so that our employees as well as your organisation can focus on higher opportunities.

Labour Arbitrage

It helps to save costs as we hire certain number of hours to fit employees budget and add more of less time depending on your company’s needs each & every month.

Support Sudden Needs

Specialized attention is provided to fill needs like launching a digital marketing campaign, lead generation, data reporting, market research, accountant, data processing and many more.

Improve Organization

We help pinpoint inefficiencies and streamline procedures that run smoother and increase productivity.

Who We Are?

Who We Are?

It all started in the month of April of 2019, when a group of subject matter experts having worked with different industries thought of bringing the experience and individual expertise into starting a venture that can deliver the same level of service and customer & client satisfaction. Our goal from the start has been ideate and deliver best possible solutions that are specific to the needs of our clients by providing them positive return on their investments and help them to reduce their operational cost up to 70%. Our belief in ourselves and the services we offer have enabled us to continue growing. Our work is a true reflection of what we do and how do we want to help our clients succeed. We are a certified company that focuses on exceeding expectations by delivering innovative solutions to clients across the industries.

Who We Are

What differentiates us?

Security and

The work we deliver always belong to you, the client and also, we have a strict data policy which enable us to protect the data base from sharing any third party.

Efficiency and

Proven methodology and delivery process gained through our expertise into different industries.

Cost Effective

Done right, an outsourced project will always be more cost-effective.

Industry Expertise
and Knowledge

Combining industry-specific knowledge with superior offshore talent more than 100 that speeds up time to market and minimizes the risks.


Fixed price or time and material, the responsibility for timely delivery stays with us.


We believe in sermon of quality and quantity as success believes in the same.

On Time Project

Commitments made are fulfilled in time stipulated.



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