When reviewing your strategy to improve your business’s Inbound Marketing, you will always find several keys that allow you to obtain a better result and one of them, as you will see throughout this post, is the contact form.

What is a contact form?

The usual thing when designing a project is to use a standard contact form with an attractive image and not give too much importance to this aspect. However, it is necessary to specify that a good contact form will allow you to:

  • Add new users, leads to your database.
  • Analyse its characteristics so that your promotion strategies are almost tailored.
  • Implement lead-nurturing campaigns in which you offer your subscribers added value (content marketing or an offer to name two examples).

Therefore, a contact form is a potential customer’s gateway to your business. Now, would you enter a place whose door does not inspire you the necessary confidence?

Statistics on the effectiveness of email marketing

When someone fills in a contact form, it is to receive messages at their email address. Having a good contact form allows you to achieve the goal you set for yourself in less time. We summarize the study carried out by Mail Chimp on the rate of opening of promotional messages by sectors:

  • Those related to culture or art are opened 26% of the time.
  • Those of the business sector by 22%.
  • Those of creative services or agencies by 21%.
  • Those of the NGOs by 25%.
  • Those of sports by 25%.
  • Those of electronic commerce by 16%.

Add the percentage corresponding to your clientele in your physical store and consider it an alternative to increasing your conversion levels. Now, everything will depend on how you face your digital marketing strategy and gain the trust of your future clients.

What type of contact form is the most appropriate?

Imagine that you access a web page and you review its content. What you have seen is attractive to you, and you want to receive regular updates to your email address. To do so, you access the contact form to subscribe, and you are faced with police questioning that ends up making you desist from your main intention.

To avoid this, it would be recommended that you consider the different types of contact forms available. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Short Contact Form

It is undoubtedly the most effective to increase your number of subscribers. Only the name, email address, and any additional questions such as “how did you find out about us?” Are required.

The worst thing is that it does not allow you to carry out a correct segmentation and that it will be more difficult for you to know the real characteristics of your potential customers. Thus, it will be more difficult for you to launch specific campaigns that have almost guaranteed success.

Long Contact Form

It allows you to design a more detailed questionnaire, including the phone number and even some aspects related to the person’s age, country, or hobbies. As we tell you in a later section, in HubSpot, there is an ideal option to get the person to keep wanting to subscribe to your proposal.

Progressive contact form

They are based on cookies and are highly effective in knowing what kind of questions the user has already answered, preventing them from doing it again. Saving time when filling in the contact form works in your favour.

Dynamic Contact Form

When the person fills in the contact form, they are considered to have subscribed to your newsletter. Still, as they receive messages, they can be told about the possibility of answering new questions that will help you complete their file completely. Any information is extremely useful for you to get to know your clientele better.

According to a Quick Sprout study, betting on a four-field contact form instead of the classic 11-long contact form means a 120% increase in the subscription rate. In other words, it is better to dose the questions in time and not ask them all from the first moment.

Where should you place the contact form?

Do not forget that if it is a gateway to new customers, it must be visible. It is recommended that it be embedded in the main web on the right, thus avoiding the person having to search for it or scroll down to find it.

Choose, among the previous options, the one that best suits your type of business. The length has to be just right, and the questions will depend a lot on the type of potential client you have. Try to speak to them in their own language to consider the contact form an opportunity to enjoy specific benefits or promotions.

The number of fields to fill in is essential. Do not forget that the long contact form you are looking for is to refine the inclusion of each subscriber’s data as much as possible. The short seeks more the quality of those who trust what you propose.

You must include the privacy policy regarding the treatment of personal data because the law requires you to generate trust.

Finish by choosing the button that leads to filling in the contact form. Include the text you prefer or advance, in a complementary section, what are the advantages of subscribing to your mailing list.

The main advantages of a good contact form

After reviewing everything related to this digital marketing tool, we have to specify the advantages for your business of turning a contact form into the best business card for your company or business.

The first and fundamental is the implementation of lead scoring (classification of your subscribers). The more offers, downloadable content, or specific proposals, the more possibilities of knowing each potential client’s characteristics. Thus, you will be able to choose who you send each message to with the best chances of success.

We cannot ignore the enormous effort and labour savings that marketing automation entails due to having effective contact forms. Betting on progressives is always effective since it saves you from repeating the questions for each main web page you have. All the time you use to specify all your details will be recovered later when receiving subscription requests.

But if the contact forms are absolutely essential for something, it is possible to customize each campaign as much as possible. There is nothing worse to promote your products or services than sending a promotion to those who do not need it.

Only by knowing your potential customer can you specify as much as possible the type of ad you want to send them, how you are going to get them to trust your proposal and how you can make them become a regular customer.

Do not forget that a form can never be too invasive and that questions should not be asked. Using HubSpot, it will be easier for you to work in perspective, review each question and think about whether or not you, as a customer, would answer your own form.

We are experts in HubSpot and digital marketing, so it will not take long to find the most recommended formula for your business to begin to achieve the planned goals.

Contact us to begin to renew the way you sell what you do and, above all, to progressively increase your clientele.