BPO/Call Center Outsourcing

Quality call centre services with empathy and patience to increase your sales.

  • High-quality performance of services
  • No need to purchase hardware and software
  • Focus more on workforce and finance

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    We can understand the outsourcing of business processes as the concept of assigning labour and specialized entities to perform specific tasks within the organization, guaranteeing service quality levels, increasing productivity in administrative functions and reducing cost. Entirety Ventures has helped many companies to improve their service, as they provide key personnel with the skills and abilities to resolve any questions or problems with customers.

    • Administration and Finance BPO: Financial analysis, financial planning and reporting, managerial accounting, cash and treasury management, payment and receipt of accounts, risk management and taxes.
    • Human Resources BPO: Especially focused on the service of recruiting candidates, known as recruitment.
    • Information Management Services BPO: Control of the flow of information, of the means of support (hardware, software), as well as everything related to information and communication technologies.
    • Specialized recruitment of agents for a call centre: We recruit and select administrative personnel. At Entirety Ventures, our recruiters know the characteristics that a call centre agent should have. We have a select list of high-quality candidates to fill the necessary vacancies of your company.

    The hotline service will provide a reliable connection between any subscriber and the operator, even during peak calls. This will allow the company not to lose a single client while maintaining the normal work of the back office – managers involved in the processing and execution of orders.

    Telemarketing allows making sales by phone and supporting the company’s marketing activity during the period of advertising campaigns. The call centre will inform a lot of consumers in a short time about your company’s promotions and attract potential customers to participate in them.

    Effective interaction with customers without the cost of equipment and personnel

    A full-time employee of the call centre needs to purchase expensive special equipment, hiring and training personnel, allocating a separate room and many associated costs, both financial and time. But all this can be avoided by using the services of an outsourcing call centre. A remote call centre manager is an opportunity to optimize costs, especially when it comes to companies with a small staff.

    • Real-Time Review
    • Maintain Your Brand Culture
    • Employee Training & Hiring
    • Call Center Process Development
    • Safety & Monitoring

    We allow you to save on the implementation and management of your own contact centre. Depending on the company’s goals, you can choose partial or full outsourcing of the contact centre. An on-demand contact centre (on demand) can be deployed within a day.

    Overall, when you outsource your business activities to us, we will execute and understand your approach and monitor your performance to deliver a high-quality, consistent experience for every interaction. When customers need support, have issues with their account or want to provide feedback to any services, they should do so without delay. Outsourcing with us makes it, so your business proceeds to work for itself even when the offices are closed.

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