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    Optimized strategy for pay-per-click advertising

    We have a large number of expert consultants willing to start working immediately, both remotely and in person. Our PPC specialists have supported a wide variety of organizations with tasks. Additionally, our consultants have extensive experience with Google AdWords, AdWords Scripts, Search Engine API, Bing Ads, and advanced Excel skills.

    Benefits of hiring a PPC specialist

    Our PPC specialists are fully up-to-date on the latest industry trends. In addition, they have proven experience, which can increase the knowledge of your current IT team or provide specialized skills that would not otherwise be available. By hiring one of our PPC specialists, you have complete freedom to choose how long you will receive their services and whether they will work remotely or in person.

    Spend less on paid ads

    Greater reach
    By generating paid campaigns on Google, you greatly amplify the reach of your campaigns.

    Real potential customers
    By targeting relevant keywords, users who search for these terms are more likely to purchase.

    Brand awareness
    Lead, sale or return on investment objectives. Being such a global platform, Facebook ads allow you to create different campaigns based on your goals.

    Increase sales
    A large part of SEM campaigns are focused on sales and, therefore, the increase in sales is considerable.

    Entirety Ventures work on the level of quality and the segmentation of the groups of keywords to pay less per click and increase conversions. We create eCommerce and online stores oriented to results and optimized to sell more and optimize each visit you receive. We do not need any type of permanence contract. We make our clients loyal to our daily work. We want to be your trusted Google Ads Agency! We spent the day talking about CPA, profit margins, conversion rates, etc. We invest wisely and measure all of our results. We are creative, but numbers always rule.

    Outsource to professionals and streamline your focus!

    When hiring PPC services to do paid advertising (Google Ads), you have to bear in mind that the agency that runs your project has to know how to configure the campaigns well and make sure that it targets the advertising to the right type of user. Otherwise, the clicks you receive will not translate into a sale. And this cannot be done without a good prior analysis of the market and the competition.

    Knowing in what context we place the product or service is vital when starting the positioning in the Google results pages since this will allow us to:

    • Find out if there is a market niche for that product or service.
    • Select the most profitable keywords for the project, considering the account search volume and your pay per click. In addition, this individualized analysis will show us the possible seasonality of each of them.
    • Analyze the profile of users who use those words; writing advertisements that might catch your eye. For example, if we target a user who does not have much money, a good strategy would be to specify a discount or a promotion in our ads.
    • Get to know the companies that advertise with those words, especially on the Search Network (Google’s engine). By analyzing the competition, we can see what they do well and do poorly, using this information to our advantage.

    With this, we can establish a strategy, an essential practice when conducting search engine marketing, and make the right decisions to achieve our goals.

    If you want to hire our PPC specialists, do not hesitate to contact us.
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