What are the main expected benefits of using offshore services?

A reduction in costs: this is the primary motivation when relocating, but be careful that the result actually lives up to expectations, the effective ROI in line with that expected (see What are the main risks and pitfalls of an offshore project? Lower expected cost savings).

  • An improvement in the quality of services:
    • productivity gains
    • rely on offshore teams, which is the core of their business
  • Better flexibility of services:
    • flexibility
    • reactivity
    • access to new contracts (for example and in particular for SME start-ups of a few engineers who can, thanks to the offshore, employ very large teams of offshore engineers if necessary).
What are the main recommendations to follow before embarking on an offshore project?

Mastering a domain well before outsourcing it, Don’t outsource problems, Answer the key questions prior to any launch of such a project: Is offshore the only and the right solution to achieve cost reduction? The on-site visit is essential in the process of choosing a service provider.

  • Do not underestimate the resources required internally (in terms of quality and quantity) to ensure the management of the project and in particular, the role of the coordinator is key: do not “skimp” on this function in the composition of the team put in place. square. Indeed, it is fundamental because it will help to minimize/solve communication problems (language, culture), to intervene upstream of quality problems by auditing the processes regularly, it is a source of improvement.
  • The methodology, the discipline of working together must be explicit, formalized
  • Communication: travel is necessary, then the tools: not only the phone but the chat and the email which make it possible to erase the very frequent language problems on the phone (accents, mastery of the common language)
  • Do not confine the offshore team to menial tasks, share tasks between offshore and internal to avoid demotivation.
  • To manage the risk of piracy/loss of intellectual property (in the case of software development), a practical solution is to limit outsourcing to only part of the development. The monitoring of the coordinator is also an element of minimizing this risk.
When should I outsource?

Ask yourself the following question: is service our core competence? Or have we reached a point in our growth trajectory where strengthening support teams will distract us from our core mission? When it becomes crucial to focus on your growth and cost reduction strategy, it’s time to outsource your business processes, customer service, and technical support. One of the first signs that you might be in trouble is the fact that you are experiencing spikes in call volumes or a constant surplus of calls resulting in long wait times for customers, which will negatively impact your business. the quality of your service.

How to create a commercial file for outsourcing?

You need to have a clear idea of what you are spending to provide a service so that you can compare it to the cost of outsourcing. Next, consider the two main factors that are often overlooked: technical and cultural implications. This reluctance can be alleviated by including relevant stakeholders in IT and human resources from the start of the planning process. The third element most often overlooked is the establishment of a clear and concise timetable, with a gradual approach to the transition to the desired end situation. This will speed up the approval and implementation process in the future.

Will I lose quality control if i outsourced?

You won’t lose quality control if your outsourcing partner is an expert in recruiting, hiring, and training outsourcing staff. Along with proper processes for management and quality control, your partner will also ensure that there is a balanced approach to achieving key performance indicators without compromising customer satisfaction. The outsourcing team you choose should match your corporate culture, tone, and level of expertise.

How can AI and automation help my call center?

It is important to associate the speed of digital with the subtlety and nuances brought by human agents. AI and automation tools can help you deliver a faster, more personalized experience, at a lower operational cost. They can make more relevant information available to human agents so that they can provide more effective service and support.

Is my business too big or too small for outsourcing?

If your business has a moderate to a high volume of calls or contacts, greater than 2,000 per month, outsourcing to a larger vendor that has the ability to develop a queue with agents dedicated to you may be the right solution for you. For businesses with lower call volumes, finding a partner with a shared queue can help you strike a better balance between capacity and cost reduction.

Is outsourcing flexible to adapt to the changing needs of my business or to take into account seasonal fluctuations?

Customers can quickly assess their API needs in just a few weeks. In the event of seasonal fluctuations, the benefits of operational outsourcing should not be overestimated. Because your provider has multiple clients, it will be easier for them to move and retrain agents, hire and train temporary staff quickly, and handle fluctuations better than you could do alone. Since non-core operations are outsourced to API providers, businesses can take comfort in knowing that their cost requirements can be modulated.

Why outsource payroll?

Payroll is a complex business, so it’s important to leave it to business experts. First, because the management of salaries constitutes a significant amount of working time, both administratively (editing, issuing control, printing, and distribution of payslips) and legally (exemptions from charges, social declarations to the various funds, special cases related to the type employee’s contract, etc.). Second, outsourcing payroll management often generates savings. It makes it possible to control costs and to know exactly the amount spent.

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