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Have more creative control and pay less as compared to hiring full-time.

  • Significant time saving
  • Strengthen your corporate image
  • Professional quality work

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    Outsourcing its graphic design means entrusting part or all of this activity to a service provider. This subcontracting is common and can very well integrate the production strategy of a company. Well managed, this delegation saves substantial time and money.

    The graphic design can be treated externally. You can use independent providers to create your logo, info graphics or other graphic orders. You can hire a graphic design consultant at any time via Entirety Ventures. This is an interesting alternative to creating a new team.

    The parameters to be taken into account

    Outsourcing your graphic design is a great idea as long as you follow certain rules. However, before considering, here are some parameters to take into account:

    • Your budget. Determine the envelope available for your design projects. Can this expense cover the expenses relating to the intervention of a freelance graphic designer? If the project comes from your clients, you have to calculate the margins between the graphic designer’s mission expenses and your earnings.
    • The management of working time. Adjustments within your local are sometimes necessary. If the work is not carried out entirely remotely, the passages in your offices must be fixed in the contract.
    • The relationship with your customers. If you do not want to let them know that you are outsourcing, consider entering into a confidentiality agreement with the providers.
    • Conflict management. Establishing a proper assignment contract will be of great help to you in the event of a conflict. This document contains the details of the tasks to be performed, the delivery time, the various returns, and the worker’s fee.
    Optimize the company’s graphic design while controlling costs

    Entirety Ventures can optimize all the different phases of editing photos and/or images, adding advanced features, create banners, visuals, logos, adding artistic effects to photos, modeling to from drawing, painting and/or illustration; the creation of vector graphics, 2D and/or 3D design, the development of animations, among many others.

    By using our services, you guarantee a graphic design according to the image and reputation of your company.

    A complete graphic and web design service

    We are committed to continually providing professional and creative service. With our full range of services at competitive prices, our primary goal is to help businesses with their communication strategies and tools.

    A lasting relationship

    We want to develop authentic and unique relationships with our customers that will foster lasting and honest communications! Graphic design, printing and website, we will do it with creativity, innovation and passion.

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