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Terms and Conditions of the Contract

These general contracting conditions, together with the particular conditions that, in each case and service, maybe established expressly regulate the relationships that arise between Entirety Ventures and those third parties that contract the services that this company offers for this purpose on any of its web pages or by telephone contracting (“the services”).

Acceptance of the General and Particular Conditions

Before contracting any of the services offered, carefully read the contract conditions that regulate the provision of the service you want, including the technical, operational and functional characteristics of the service, as well as the applicable rates in each case. For any additional information or clarification regarding the content of the contract conditions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service before proceeding with the contract.

Purpose and Scope of Contract

2.1 Purpose
The contract conditions are intended to regulate the contractual terms for the provision of the services and the consideration due by the client as well as the use of the service by the latter. The provision of the services will be carried out through the obtaining, provision, organization, employment and management of the technical, human and operational resources necessary for this purpose and, always and in any case, as consideration at current prices in every moment.

2.2 Scope
Entirety Ventures can provide its clients with access to a wide range of online resources of different types, including, but not limited to, storage services (hosting), registration services and communication services (email). Unless expressly stated otherwise, all the services offered by Entirety Ventures will be governed by the contract conditions set out here and by the particular conditions that may apply to each of the services.


3.1 Subjective Requirements
Those individuals, of legal age, or legal entities may contract the services. In the case of a legal person, the request for the services must be carried out by a duly authorized attorney-in-fact or legal representative of the company. In the case of natural persons, they must be of legal age and contract on their own behalf.

3.2 Application Data
The applicant is responsible for ensuring that both the data included in the contract through the Entirety Ventures website, as well as those other data related to the registration process, are truthful and accurate, committing to communicate to Entirety Ventures, as soon as possible, all those relative changes. to them and, especially, those that refer to the information necessary for the proper maintenance and management of the provision of the contracted services, including, for example, the email address, the address, and the details of the payment methods.

3.3 Denial
Entirety Ventures reserves the right to accept or reject any contract, as long as (a) it verifies that the data provided is contrary to the truth and/or inaccurate; (b) consider that the request made: (i) does not comply with the terms outlined in the contract conditions and/or (ii) damages or could damage the corporate image of Entirety Ventures or would be contrary to the commercial purposes pursued by it; and/or (c) has pending payment any service previously contracted with Entirety Ventures. The denial of the provision of the services will be made by email or postal mail to the addresses provided in the contract, justifying the reason for the same.

3.4 Acceptance
It will be understood that a contract has been accepted when the applicant receives a confirmation of acceptance from Entirety Ventures or when it activates the contracted Service.

It will be the responsibility of the person responsible for the treatment, or the one to whom it has subcontracted for this purpose, to facilitate the right to information at the time of data collection, not being a function included in the scope of the service contracted to Entirety Ventures.

Entirety Ventures declines any responsibility for the violation of the security systems managed by the Client or the inviolability of personal data when these are transported through any telecommunication networks unrelated to Entirety Ventures management.

Entirety Ventures may contract and/or subcontract with third parties everything it deems appropriate concerning the performance by them of any or all the activities necessary for the maintenance, updating, improvement or provision of the Services.

In the case of processing personal data, the provisions of the previous clauses will apply.

4.1 Non-Resale of Services
Unless there is a distribution contract between the client and Entirety Ventures, it is expressly prohibited for the client to resell or authorize third parties outside the client’s business organization, the total or partial use of the contracted services.

4.2 Taxes
All taxes accrued on the occasion or as a consequence of this agreement will be paid by the Law.

4.3 Insurance
It will be the sole responsibility of each of the parties to contract the corresponding insurances that guarantee the possible liabilities that derive from the contract conditions and their breach.

4.4 Modification of the Services
Entirety Ventures reserves the right to unilaterally modify the presentation, configuration and operation of the Service, as long as the said modification does not affect the functionality or the commitments of the service acquired, nor does it involve any increase in the agreed prices.

When Entirety Ventures introduces any modification that involves an increase in the agreed prices or the conditions provided in these conditions or the particular conditions applicable to the service, it will proceed to notify the terms of the modification and the price variation one (1) month in advance. as of the date, the modification is to be effective. In the aforementioned notification, Entirety Ventures will inform the client of their right to terminate this contract without penalty if they do not agree with the proposed modifications.

If any clause of these contract conditions is declared null or void, in whole or in part, by any court, the remaining stipulations will retain their validity, unless the parties by mutual agreement decide to terminate the agreement. The agreements, clauses and conditions that make up this document constitute the formal and definitive expression of the declaration of will of the parties and must be interpreted by each other, attributing to the doubtful the meaning derived from all of them.

Any documents or statements, whether verbal or written, before it enters into force, will be considered definitively repealed.

Without any other particular for the moment, we remain at your service for any questions or comments in this regard.

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