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    Using comprehensive and cutting edge technologies, we offer unique WordPress development and customization services for businesses around the world. Our WordPress development services include WordPress web development, blogging, custom module/plugin development, theme development and customization, and CMS customization.

    Our professional developers have deep knowledge and experience with the latest version of WordPress and thus provide a high-quality service. We develop quality and intelligent solutions that meet the needs of our customers at affordable prices. If you are creating or maintaining sites on this CMS, you will need an experienced WordPress developer. You can get it by “taking” it for outsourcing.

    Why Choose WordPress?
    The reasons are:
    • Simple and intuitive admin panel interface. Users do not need to know programming to use the site.
    • Great community. This means that there is a huge knowledge base with instructions on any topic.
    • Large selection of ready-made solutions (themes and plugins). The official WordPress website alone has over 1,100 themes and over 54,000 plugins (not counting thousands of self-written themes and plugins). Most add-ons are paid but inexpensive. With the help of themes – you can change the interface and appearance. With the help of plugins – expand the functionality.
    • Easy to install on hosting. Probably all large hosting sites allow you to install WP on your site in a couple of clicks.
    • Content and design are independent of each other. You can add new articles, and they will automatically be designed in the general style of the site. And vice versa: you can change something in the “appearance” and automatically be displayed on all the necessary pages.
    • Convenient SEO optimization. By installing any SEO plugins (there are even free ones), the site can be easily optimized for search engines.
    • The ability to easily expand functionality if the required plugin is not available. A WordPress specialist can write a plugin from scratch and install it on a website.
    A WordPress web developer is needed if:
    • you are a non-programmer, you have created a WP site on your own, but your knowledge (or time) is not enough for complex tasks;
    • you specialize in one area of development (for example, on the frontend) and need a specialist in another part (for example, on the backend);
    • you have a WP specialist in your team, but he is busy, absent, or cannot cope with the task;
    • you want to create a separate team for the project;
    • your employees do not have deep knowledge in WordPress;
    • You want to get a turnkey result by entrusting the entire project or part of it (for example, creating some plugins or reworking a template).
    Why is a WordPress outsourcing better than an on-staff employee?

    Hiring your own developer is fine if you work with WordPress continuously and in-depth. If not, or if you usually have enough of your own team, but a difficult or voluminous task has arisen, then it is easier to use outsourcing.

    It’s better because you don’t need:

    • formalize the employee (which means that you do not have to pay taxes for him, pay sick leave, vacation);
    • control the contractor – when outsourcing, this is done by employees of the outsourcing company;
    • spend time searching, checking, training an employee.

    Using outsourcing, you can get the required number of specialists of any level – from the middle to the team lead. And you get them even on the day of contact if you need them urgently.

    How can we help:
    • complete a task of any complexity and volume on a turnkey basis;
    • optimize, rework, supplement the existing site;
    • transfer under your guidance a WordPress programmer, one or more, with any level of knowledge and experience;
    • take over management, control and verification of the result (suitable if your staff has its own developers, but they will not pull the team lead);
    • to advise – to determine the terms and complexity, to choose the most successful and fastest solution.

    We can start work at any of the stages – from drawing up a technical specification for creating a new website to supporting a working project.

    Hire a WordPress programmer or a team for outsourcing

    If you need an employee for outsourcing – write to us about your task. Then, we will contact you for a more detailed discussion: the timing, the number of personnel, the formation of a more accurate technical specification.

    If our staff does not find a sufficient number of specialists, we ourselves will search for them, arrange cooperation and provide you with it.

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