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    Entirety Ventures ASP.NET development team has the technical expertise to create high-quality web applications for clients in various business areas. You can hire our .NET developers full-time or hourly, and we’ll create the most flexible and scalable .Net solutions for you.

    Basic .NET development services

    Custom ASP.NET Development Services
    Dotnet developers from XB Software create multi-layered and reliable web solutions on the .NET platform. When developing applications and software, we focus on ASP.NET MVC3 / MVC4 / MVC5 frameworks.

    Customizing third-party .NET components
    Our main specialization is customization and integration of Webix and DHTMLX components, including DHTMLX Scheduler .NET – a web control that allows you to create schedules and calendars in ASP.NET. In addition, the company’s experienced .NET developers can customize any ASP.NET product created by other developers to suit your company’s business requirements. Our services include user interface (UI) enhancements, technical support, functionality enhancements, and API development.

    Migrating applications to .NET
    If you are using outdated technology and would like to bring your legacy app to the web and, in particular, develop it on the web, we can make this migration process simple and significantly improve the performance of your application.

    Cloud migration
    Our .NET experts work with the most sophisticated .Net applications and can easily deploy and scale your IT resources in the clouds. We work with Windows Azure, the best PaaS (Platform as a Service) for .Net projects. We can deploy your project to virtually any PaaS platform or host it in a hybrid cloud environment, depending on the scale of your application.

    We have a number of advantages in our field of activity.

    Why Choose Us?

    Full cycle of .NET development

    We offer a full-service .NET development service that includes a thorough business analysis of project requirements, design development, programming, project quality control, and technical support and training.

    Transparency of Agile Processes

    Each .Net project is coordinated by an experienced head to ensure quality development using the most efficient and transparent project management processes and proven methodologies. In addition, our team of .NET developers, managers and business analysts make sure that the goals of the project are SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and completed within a specific time frame.

    Tech-savvy developers

    Our developers are always on top of the latest innovations and trends in web development and have a large store of knowledge to carry out complex .NET projects for a wide variety of industries. Our deep knowledge and eight years of development experience allow us to create profitable projects that guarantee a return on your investment.

    Hire ASP.NET Developers. Our team uses all methods and possibilities to achieve the best possible result.

    Benefits Of Working With Us

    100% Satisfied Customers

    We have completed projects of varying complexity - from modifying modules to creating highly loaded resources.

    Competitive Rates

    We offer experienced professionals at competitive rates. With outsourcing, you save 40% of your budget.

    Team Scalability

    You can start working with one dedicated specialist or assemble a fully functional team in just 2-4 weeks.

    Flexible Interaction Models

    According to the needs of your project, we provide dedicated developers part-time or full-time.

    Feedback And Reporting

    We provide regular feedback and support. You can always follow the progress of work and ask questions to specialists.

    Result In 48 Hours

    We find highly qualified and experienced specialists for your requirements in the shortest possible time.

    Transparency And Security

    We guarantee transparent and secure cooperation, and our company follows the NDA throughout the entire process.

    Specialists Of Your Choice

    You interview every developer you hire. If you are not satisfied with the work of our specialist, we will provide his replacement.

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