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    The backend of websites, e-shops, web applications and browser games is essential. The backend has a critical impact on your website or web application’s performance, stability, security, and speed. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a good backend developer for your project’s success. At Entirety Ventures., we’ve created guidelines to help you if you want to offer remote backend work to a developer.

    Technology Stack

    To choose the right person, you need to know your infrastructure: OS, API, software stack, server settings, integrations, databases, etc. This helps us choose the most suitable employee for your project.

    Architecture Design

    If this is a new project, you need a specialist with solid experience in designing site architecture and web applications. Entirety Ventures’s experienced developers will help you build and maintain the backend.


    The main specificity of the work of backend developers is teamwork. This means being able to speak the same language as business analysts, designers and front-end developers. As a result, all of our developers have strong communication skills.


    Data security, network security, and server security are vital to any web project. Entirety Ventures. Backend developers write secure code and use technologies to protect your users’ data. Therefore, your customers will be able to trust your site with their personal information.

    Backend Developer – Ready For You To Take Off

    We will help you hire a backend developer that suits your budget and requirements.

    After you post your requirements, our specialist will contact you to schedule an appointment to receive a detailed profile for each developer backend.

    • Build clean code and libraries to develop working web applications.
    • Maintenance, integration and management of databases.
    • Management of cross-device API resources.
    • Performance control and practical solutions for the application.
    • Development, distribution and maintenance of content management systems.
    • Cooperation with front-end developers to integrate elements on the user side with server logic.
    • Guarantee and implementation of security and data protection.

    You can interview our backend engineers before hiring to assess their experience and discuss the project’s specifics.

    You will then need to confirm your expectations, risk assessment, and workflow. Once everything is done, we’ll start the development cycle!

    1. Understand your needs: Send us a message first. Then call our team quickly to clarify what kind of talent you need.
    2. We connect you with top talents: Within two days, we will send you an ideal candidate profile, or we will start putting together a project team for you.
    3. Let’s get down to business: Get to know your candidate during an interview – if you are satisfied, you can start working together immediately! We take care of the entire admin.
    4. Performance monitoring: We will continue to monitor the freelancer’s performance and make sure you are satisfied. If not, we will find a replacement candidate for you.
    Are you ready to make the right decision?

    Finding a good backend developer is time-consuming. Entirety Ventures does this for you so that you can save time and minimize your risks.

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